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Cotton County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
1-1 Walters SD: Walters City 84.45
1-2R Walters School District 84.45
101-1 Temple SD: Temple City 84.99
101-2 Temple School District 84.99
132 Chatanooga School District 97.06
21 Empire School District 95.11
23 Waurika School District 72.65
249 Grandfield School District 76.18
333-R Big Pasture School District 90.52
333DC Big Pasture SD: Devol City 90.52
333RC Big Pasture SD: Randlett City 90.52
4 Geronimo School District 100.45
AHP Chatanooga SD: Ahpeatone 84.45
HUL Walters SD: Hulen 84.45